Community Resources

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Health Resources

Additional Web-Based Resources

Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

Phone: 510-618-3452 | Website: Click HERE 

Alameda County Care Connect

Website: Click HERE

Abode Services

Phone: 510-657-7409 | Website: Click HERE

Bay Area Community Services

Phone: 510-613-0330| Website” Click HERE 

Alameda Health System

Website: Click HERE


Website: Click HERE

Bonita House

Phone: 510-923-1099 | Website: Click HERE

Allen Temple

Phone: 510-544-8910 | Website: Click HERE

Alameda County Healthy Homes Department

Phone: 510-567-8280 | Website: Click HERE

Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services

Website: Click HERE

Tri City Health Center

Phone: 510-770-8040 | Website: Click HERE

La Familia Counseling Service

Phone: 510-881-5921 | Website: Click HERE

Asian Health Services

Phone: 510-735-3100 | Website: Click HERE

Community Health Improvement Partners

Phone: 858-609-7960 | Website: Click  HERE
The mission of Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) is to advance long-term solutions to priority health needs through collaboration and community engagement.

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