Arriven Quality Independent Living I

4218 College Ave
San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 757-4767

Monthly Rent: $850 to $1000

Vacancy: Please call for availability

Housing Information

Number of Beds in House: 8
Number of Rooms in House: 4
Types of Rooms: Private Rooms, Shared Rooms
Operator/On-Site Staff Availability: Operator or staff is available 24hrs/day but independent living does not offer on-site staff
Priority Tenant Population: Females


Meals Served: 0
Meals Self-Served: 0
Bed Linens Provided: Yes
Toiletries Provided: Limited
Laundry: Laundry available onsite
Additional Amenities: Internet, House Telephone, Cable ready TV
Pets: Yes

Accessibility and Convenience

Distance to Nearest Bus Stop: Across the street
Bus Stop Location: College Ave & University
Distance to Nearest Convenience Store: Next to the house and across the street
Housing Access/Walkability: Easy access to house; no hills or stairs

Additional Details/Description

This is a female only home located in 92115. This home does not offer meals included with rent. Home will have snacks available for tenants. Laundry is on-site for tenants. Each room has cable TV.

ILA Membership Information

ILA Member Since: 12/23/2019
Date of Last Peer Review: 04/17/2023
ILA Involvement: Screening, Rent Control & Just Cause, Eviction and Retention, and Communication & De-escalation
Additional Qualifications: Operator is retired County of San Diego employee who worked in the creation and management of programs to help eliminate poverty and homelessness in San Diego County. Operator is trained in Whole Person Wellness Approach and Trauma Informed Care.