ILA Quality Standards

Independent livings facilitate a group of adults living together as a family, and provide a safe and affordable homes for hundreds of people in San Diego County. Each home is as individual as the people who live in them.

The ILA Quality Standards are recommended as best practices for independent livings.

Eight attributes of a quality independent living:

  • Clean, safe and well-maintained housing

  • A clear statement of policies is made available to tenants and clearly explained prior to lease signing

  • Clear process for handling complaints, and opportunities for tenants to positively influence their environment and remove unhealthy influences

  • An environment that respects the privacy of the tenants

  • An environment free of any type of abuse or discrimination that requires all tenants to be treated with dignity, consideration and respect at all times

  • Concerned and competent Operators/House Managers

  • Clearly outlined amenities that are consistently and fairly made available to all tenants

  • A tenant focused living environment