A Fuller House / Fuller Homes LLC,

4014 Marine View Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113

Monthly Rent: $900 to $1100

Vacancy: Please call for availability

Housing Information

Number of Beds in House: 6
Number of Rooms in House: 3
Types of Rooms: Shared Rooms
Operator/On-Site Staff Availability: Operator or staff is on-site part time/does not live on-site
Priority Tenant Population: Co-Ed, LGBTQ+


Meals Served: 1
Meals Self-Served: 0
Bed Linens Provided: Yes
Toiletries Provided: Limited
Laundry: Laundry available onsite
Additional Amenities: Internet, House Telephone, Cable ready TV
Pets: No

Accessibility and Convenience

Distance to Nearest Bus Stop: 0.4
Bus Stop Location: Highland Ave. & Division St.
Distance to Nearest Convenience Store: 0.4
Housing Access/Walkability: Hills or stairs required to access house

ILA Membership Information

ILA Member Since: 6/14/2024
Date of Last Peer Review: 6/3/2024
ILA Involvement:
Additional Qualifications: