ILA Member Spotlight – Durrey House

Ramona Reed and Durrey Reed are a mother and daughter power duo who run the ILA member home, Durrey House. They grew up in San Diego and then spent some years moving around the country. However, their admiration for San Diego’s cultural diversity and environmental beauty brought them back home.

Prior to operating the independent living home, Durrey House, Ramona worked in education. She worked with young kids teaching ceramics, painting, and arts & crafts. It affected Ramona to see those kids grow up, and, as adults, struggle to afford living in their hometown of San Diego. Upon witnessing firsthand the financial struggles and the rising homelessness in her community, Ramona became motivated to do something for those most vulnerable.

Durrey House officially became an Independent Living Association (ILA) member home in July 2019. Ramona stated that she appreciates the networking opportunities of the ILA; it has connected their business to likeminded folks who are also interested in helping the local community. Ramona is passionate about education and takes advantage of the Business Development Courses offered to ILA members. Ramona expressed that being a part of the ILA has been a great opportunity to increase her knowledge in this business and has attended the following ILA Business Development Courses: Rent Control and Just Cause, LGBTQ + Community Training, and NCRC: The Art of Communication.

Ramona’s favorite part about being an operator is seeing her tenants thrive as they move-in from less “quality” environments to Durrey House, a clean, safe, and supportive environment. She said “not only are you giving them a home, but they start to feel like it is their home.” Ramona thanks her mother, Durrey, for passing on her altruistic nature. They are truly in this business to give back to their community.

Ramona hopes in the future that the ILA can hold more networking events for operators to share their experiences and techniques. She also hopes to expand their business by offering more beds at other properties. Ramona’s advice for others who want to enter this business and be successful is to be passionate about helping others.

In her free time, Ramona Reed likes to watch older movies from the 1930s and read books. Her favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

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