ILA Member Spotlight – Vladimir and Mary Miletic

“Both of them work hard with each client to meet whatever needs they may have…
I am grateful to live here.”

“It just goes to show that you meet good people everywhere.”

“I am happy here because the food is good…Vladimir and Mary are great people.”

Vladimir and Mary MileticThese are quotes from residents who live at Foothill Home, run by Independent Living Association (ILA) Members Vladimir and Mary Miletic. Located in Vista, California, Foothill Home radiates with warmth and kindness, just like Vladimir and Mary do.

Within the first few minutes of meeting the Miletics, it’s clear that family is important to them. Both of their eyes light up when talking about their biological sons, and remain bright when the Miletics speak about their residents, who are an obvious part of the Miletic’s definition of “family.” Vladimir and Mary know each of their residents by name, as well as residents’ personal interests – there are many wonderful stories about favorite meal requests, or art collages that a resident created, or the musical jam sessions in the garage with Foothill Home residents.

Vladimir and Mary have been in the Independent Living business for 17 years, and are founding members of the ILA. The Miletics agree that the educational courses and trainings that the ILA provides are outstanding benefits of membership, and ILA classes are a “must for all owners.” Both Vladimir and Mary spoke to how meaningful it has been to be a part of an association with other Independent Living owners, and how their membership has enabled them to meet other owners and learn from other’s experiences.

The Miletics have seen a lot of changes in the Independent Living community over the past several years, and have learned a lot personally and professionally. Although they prioritize being available for residents if an issue arises (and to make their much-complimented home-cooked meals), Vladimir and Mary make sure to make time for themselves by taking Sunday walks by the beach or doing a quick getaway vacation to Vegas when possible.

Vladimir and Mary expressed how important patience is in this profession. Mary admits that being an Independent Living owner is “not always an easy job – it requires your heart and a willingness to help people.” Due to the high standards the Miletics keep for Foothill Home, many of the residents at Foothill Home have lived there for many years. The Miletics can speak to seeing many of their residents’ quality of life greatly improve during their time spent at Foothill Home. Mary explained that seeing their residents get to a happier place “fills my heart.”

Obviously, both Vladmir and Mary have very big hearts to fill. The San Diego community is lucky to have such competent, caring, family-oriented Independent Living owners, and the ILA is proud to have had them as members since day one. This Foothill Home resident agrees: “The landlords are wonderful people with huge hearts, who truly care about each individual they have so graciously accepted into their home.”

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