ILA Member Spotlight – Jane Fyer

Jane FyerOnce you have a chance to speak with Jane Fyer, one of the first thoughts that will probably cross your mind is to wonder if she has multiple clones. She has been involved in so many different groups and organizations that have bettered the San Diego mental health community and has made such a tremendous impact, that it’s hard to believe she is only one person. Jane is a true crusader for her cause.

Many people know Jane as the owner of Copper Hill Independent Living and Learning Center, which has been a refuge for recovery for over 30 years, and a member of the Independent Living Association for over 3 years. The home sits on top of a gorgeous hill in Vista, encased by greenery and a refreshing ocean breeze. Residents of Copper Hill go through a 2-4 week application process that centers on ensuring support networks are in place and the resident is a good fit for the home; once a resident is accepted to Copper Hill, the all-volunteer staff and board ensures support continues to be built within the community there.

And it really is a community. The first place you enter when you arrive at the home is a beautiful open porch area, and it’s likely you’ll encounter residents there who talk openly and enthusiastically about how living at Copper Hill has been a blessing in their lives. At the center of their conversation is Jane, and all of the incredible strides she’s made for safe, quality, affordable housing options in San Diego, not just by owning an Independent Living, but by being a champion for the Independent Living Association (ILA).

As you might have guessed, Jane was at the forefront when the ILA was being formed, and her personal and professional insight has been paramount as the ILA has formed over the past years. Jane is a strong advocate for system changes, as she realizes how difficult it can be for consumers and families to access the help they need when navigating services in the mental health community. Jane sees the ILA as an important solution to improving the housing system in San Diego, and strengthening support networks for consumers.

It’s invigorating talking to Jane, as she is masterful at not only seeing the big picture, but all of the smaller pieces that need to take place for meaningful change to happen. And, to be honest, once you learn of all of the work she’s done, it can feel a little intimidating as well. Until she looks you in the eye and tells you, “I’m a real believer that everyone can do something, no matter how small.” Then you’ll want to sign up with her crusade right then and there.

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